The goal is to type 50 words per minute without looking at the keyboard.

The Goal

Type 50 words per minute with a 95% accuracy.


1 hr | Starting phase


Installed TypingMaster on my desktop.

40 min | Lesson 2: Keys E And I


I started with E and I, already know the home row. My speed, 24 words per minute (WPM) with a 90% accuracy.

1 hr 10 min | Lesson 3-4: Keys E, T, O And I


Finished with 27 WPM with an accuracy of 90%. Having problems with O and I, keep mixing them up.

1 hr 30 min | Lesson 5-6


Learned capital letters, period, C and comma. Realized that the WPM is not important know, the important thing is to find the keys by muscle memory.

30 min | Lesson 7: Keys G and H


This wasn't that challenging, quite comfortable with G and H.

40 min | Lesson 8: Keys N,V and ?


Feels like I'm getting better, feels more natural to hold my hands in the correct positioning.

1hr 10 min | Lesson 9: Keys W and M


I can officially write comfortably without looking, doing it right now 🙂 . My speed is still bad and i haven't learned to type P,Å,Y and B naturally yet. I'm getting there.

40 min | Lesson 10: Keys Q and P


Q was EZ, P not so much. I've also been practicing at work, but sometimes forget the correct positioning. The funny thing is that I still manage to write without looking, but the accuracy is really bad. I need to be more consistent with holding my fingers in the correct way. Problem is that the keyboard on my work PC differs from my home PC. NO EXCUSES, DO IT RIGHT!

1 hr 10 min | Lesson 11-12


B, Y, Z and X done. I've now finished the first course, there are three more left. I will redo the first one again before i start the second one. According to Typemaster, this took me 11.25 hours. I'll check back in as soons as I'm done.

12 Hr | Recap and åäö


So I went back and did lesson 1-7 and switched typing software to I did the switch because I had difficulties with åäö, Swedish letters that weren't supported in TypingMaster. I also started to use the correct technique at work, 8 hrs a day five days a week. Note that those hours do not count as focused training, thus excluded from the overall counted hours. I can see a big improvement, took me about 24 hours. So what's my WPM you wonder? 51 WPM with 96% accuracy! My first goal is officially achieved! It feels great and my new accrued skill comes well in handy at work, I'm working faster and more effective. I'll continue training until I hit the 60 WPM mark, wish me luck 🙂

Goal Achieved

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